This afternoon I made a picture which very much tells the way I felt the last weeks. I think I need to spend more time on my photography because I always gives me a better feeling. I’ve been too busy with work.


I was thinking about this idea for a long time: a series of pictures made from the curbstone. The series should include multiple cities, town and villages in several countries. The edge of the sidewalk is were many things happen, at least I hope and think. People park their cars or throw away their garbage. If it has rained the gutters are often full with water containing stuff flushed of the streets. These pictures are taken in Amsterdam, in a rich neighborhood. I wonder what the differences are if I take similar pictures in another area of Amsterdam. What will I see when I take similar photos in Tokyo or London or Jakarta?

I use a wide angle lens (15mm on a Leica M8). I just put the camera down on the curbstone and then take a picture (set the camera to F8 and the distance meter at 2 meters). The next time I will center the lens on the edge of the curb, because I would like to see and show what’s in the gutter.

Below you find some of my first photos. Click to enlarge.

Curbstone photo

Curbstone photo






Curbstone photoCurbstone photo

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