Oct 082008

I like photos which are not clear at first sight. I like to have to work a little. During my workshop in NYC I got the remark that this is not something which many people will like. I don’t really care (just a little). I like these kinds of photos and thats enough or it should.

The photo below is one I didn’t notice when going through my shots the first time. Maybe I looked for the obvious “winners” in the first shift. I took a series of pictures of a lady standing across the street. She was oddly dressed and someone else was directing her and taking pictures himself. I kept on shooting even when the cars and busses passed by to see the effect.


Recently I attended a workshop of Jay Maisel in New York called “Always carry a camera”. I loved it. It was my first time in NYC. On the last night of the workshop we stood on the roof the building of Jay Maisel. The sun had just set and most of the other students already were drinking wine in the kitchen below. The photo below is the view looking to lower Manhattan. If you ever get the chance to follow a workshop of Jay Maisel, do it.

On the roof

I am busy creating an album about my week in New York. First make selection of a couple of photos out of the pile of thousands of I took.

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