I really enjoy making these panoramas. I should have been a little more precise. I had to cut of some nice parts of the panorama because some essential part were missing.

26 Keizersgracht en Leidsegracht, Amsterdam

Keizersgracht and Leidsegracht, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

This afternoon I was in the center of Amsterdam. The canals and the 17th century houses looked wonderful in the low winter light. The canals beg for panorama shots. There is so much to see and there are so many corners and angles. Here’s an example.

25 Leidsegracht, Amsterdam

Leidsegracht, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

The photo of this post is an alternative version of the photo I used in the post “Reflections on a table“. Using the advise of Chuck I applied a gradient for the foreground of the photo, but the bright reflection still kept drawing too much attention to my taste. My solution was to crop the photo and also use a gradient. I think this is a better version of the photograph. As another alternative I post a different exposure of the same scene.
Alternative to 7 Reflection of Photo-a-day Post processing

Alternative post-processing of “7 Reflections”. Click on it to enlarge.

Alternative to 7 Reflection of Photo-a-day

Alternative photo of same scene. Click on it to enlarge.

Jan 112009

This afternoon I walked around in a new office area in the south part of Amsterdam. I could have walked there for hours if it wasn’t so cold. The reflections of the light in the tall glass buildings created combined worlds: Near and far, small and large, hard and soft.

11 Bird

11 Bird. Click on it to enlarge.

The last few days I have been taking a least one photo each day (except for one). I struggled but I did like the fact that I had to do it. Here’s one of them.

7 Reflections

7 Reflections. Click on it to enlarge.

On Koya-san on the Okunoin Cemetery, which is the largest graveyard in Japan, you can find many beautiful graves and memorials. It was a rainy and foggy morning when we left from the monastery where we slept. But during our walk over the cemetery to the mausoleum of Kūkai the sun came out and made many nice light accents on the memorials.

Graveyard in Koyasan, Japan

Okunoin cemetery, Koya-san, Japan. Click on it to enlarge.

Let’s start a new challenge for myself: Take a photograph each day. Doesn’t have to be anything good. Just do it. No pressure. Really. I’m not Jim Brandenburg, don’t have to be. I put them on a separate page, for the moment: Picture-a-Day.

1 Happy New Year!

1 Happy New Year! Click on it to enlarge.

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