Today I had lunch on a terrace near the Bosbaan rowing track in Amsterdam. This weekend there is a large international rowing regatta. I made this handheld panorama. It is taken from the side of the finish.

175 Bosbaan rowing track Amsterdam

Bosbaan rowing track, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

Some color can be found everywhere.

171 Color

Color. Click on it to enlarge.

As an alternative to the photo in the previous post you can see that the moment of exposure much decides the result of the photo. I like the contrast between the fragile flower and the powerful truck. This photo is just nice wallpaper to me.

168-alt Poppies along the highway

Poppies along the highway, alternative. Click on it to enlarge.

Today when I cycled along the A10 highway South of Amsterdam. I saw a nice patch of poppy flowers (I think the Latin name is Papaver rhoeas). I like the delicate leafs of the flowers. Just behind this patch big trucks pass by. I liked the contrast.

168 Poppies along the highway

Poppies along the highway. Click on it to enlarge.

Today I went cycling south of Amsterdam and on my way back I cycled along the Amstel river. When I sat on a bench I was fascinated by the rhythm of the road structure and tried to capture it.

161 Amstel river near Ouderkerk

Rhythm of the road. Click on it to enlarge.

On the beach at Scheveningen in the Netherlands they have a storage room for lost children. Of course the naming is a bit of fun by the fire department which runs the place. During summer days this is a busy place. I was there last Thursday to say goodbye to our old boss. We were a bit lost kids ourselves ;-)

148 Childrens Stock Room for lost children

Storage room for lost children, Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Click on it to enlarge.

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