Today, driving home from a customer in the city of Leeuwarden I took the road over the Afsluitdijk (or Closure Dike. It turned a sea into a lake; read more using the link). The road was very empty so I took out my camera a took some photographs while driving. This photo was taken near the monument by architect Willem Marinus Dudok. You can see the statue of Cornelis Lely, just onder the pedestrian bridge.

263 Afsluitdijk with sky

263 Afsluitdijk and sky. Click on it to enlarge.

259 Where's Jonathan (when I need him)?

259 Where’s Jonathan (when I need him)? Click on it to enlarge.

At the end of our holiday on the island of Texel we took the ferry back to the mainland. There are always many seagulls waiting for passenger to feed them their left over bread.

People sitting at the edge of a large beach in the north of Texel, The Netherlands, in the background you can see the lighthouse. If you look at the photos on the Picture-a-day page (no. 256a) you can see the vastness of the beach.

256b Looking at the beach

256b Looking at the beach. Click on it to enlarge.

In a cafe yesterday I saw this nice scene. Although the face is not sharp, I have other photos where the kids face is sharp, I like this one best. She sees me taking the picture. More photos on the Picture-a-day page.

254b Looking inside

254b Looking inside. Click on it to enlarge.

During a food festival in De Koog on the island of Texel, yesterday evening, I experimented with some hipshots. I’ve done this kind of photography a couple of times before, sometimes with good results.

252a Hipshot during Texel Culinair

252a Hipshot during Texel Culinair. Click on it to enlarge.

Today we were in the harbor of Oudeschild, a village on the island of Texel, to buy fresh unpeeled grey shrimps. These North Sea shrimps which are well known for their taste. The many (German) tourists on Texel often come down to the harbour on Fridays to get the fresh shrimps and peel them at home, like we did. It took us two and a half hours to peel the kilo we bought.

251b Shrimp crates, Oudeschild harbor, Texel

251b Shrimp crates, Oudeschild harbor, Texel. Click on it to enlarge.

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