Recently I attended a workshop of Jay Maisel in New York called “Always carry a camera”. I loved it. It was my first time in NYC. On the last night of the workshop we stood on the roof the building of Jay Maisel. The sun had just set and most of the other students already were drinking wine in the kitchen below. The photo below is the view looking to lower Manhattan. If you ever get the chance to follow a workshop of Jay Maisel, do it.

On the roof

I am busy creating an album about my week in New York. First make selection of a couple of photos out of the pile of thousands of I took.

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  1. Beautiful! Love the Water tower and doorway in the foreground, puts you in the scene more than if it were just the skyline.

    Sounds like you were the only one who took those words to heart though! Maybe the others were carrying their cameras while they drank wine?

    Nice work!

  2. Thanks, Bill. The other students already went inside to drink and eat. It had been a full week of photographing from early morning till late in the evening. Greg Heisler, who did a presentation earlier that day, was still taking pictures also. He often uses his iPhone. (If you don’t know who Greg Heisler is, Google him, you will find out you did know his photos.)

    If you even have the chance to take one of Jay’s workshops I really recommend you take it.

  3. This is nice because there is the mood of the down to earth NYC life.
    The dusk light is also great!

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