Nov 222008

I just updated my gallery of photographs I took in Japan earlier this year. It is a great country for photographers. Everybody takes pictures and most people don’t mind if you take a picture of them.

Graveyard in Koyasan, waiting for Buddha to return

Graveyard, Koyasan. Click on it to enlarge

5 Responses to “Japan”

  1. Superb frame! Amazing work, very well done.
    I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Stunning picture, lovely perspective and view. Would really like to visit Japan one day. A beautiful image, very well captured.

  3. Thanks you, John. Japan certainly is great to visit.

  4. feels like the kind of Indiana Jones place from an adventure point of view! really a great place.

  5. I really felt like an Indiana Jones adventure. There were no golden statues to be discovered, though.

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