Interruption of the Bhutan broadcast. ArtZuid 2011 is starting this Friday. Some photos of last weekend below.

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Changing the scene now to a different part of the world. Last year in September I went to Bhutan. Below is one of the first photos I took.

Paro valley, Bhutan

Paro valley, Bhutan. Click on the photo to enlarge.

As every five years, Sail 2010 drew a lot of visitors to the large number of tall ships. These three had front row seats.

Sail 2010

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This photo begged for black and white. Not sure if I succeeded to bring out all the textures.

Dunes and marram

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Taken on the boat to Texel last year. Two vessels near the southern shore of Texel.

On the boat to Texel

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Let’s restart posting photos with one from May 2010. Sitting at a restaurant on one of the nice squares in Sevilla the swallows were swirling through the streets.

Swallows at dusk

Sevilla, Spain. Click on the photo to enlarge.


You wonder what is happening underneath this street….. More photos of my trip to can be found in the Andalucia gallery.

How many?!?

How many?! Click on the photo to enlarge.

This swallow was flying very low between the houses and the people on a small square in Cordoba, Spain. I tried many time to capture the bird but only a few photos showed a hint of it. This lucky shot I liked the best. My other low flying photo composition can be found here: Low Flying.

Low flying (2)

Low flying (2). Click on the photo to enlarge.

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