I’ve been a bit to busy this week to go out and take pictures so I’m posting something from the Jay Maisel workshop I did last year in September. The last evening we were up on the roof of “the bank”. After the sun set some of us went inside to drink wine and have a nice snack. Others like me stayed up on the roof and took more photos. In the photo below, on the left, you might be able to recognize a famous photographer using his iPhone to take photos of the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building with an iPhone

Empire State Building with an iPhone. Click on it to enlarge.

One of the entrances of the Rockefeller plaza in New York has beautiful artwork (?) on two sides. Lights shine on gold plated objects and reflect it on the wall. I’m not sure about this description, but just look at the picture…. I thought it looks like the shadow of the skyline of New York.

New York Rockefeller

Entrance Rockefeller Plaza, New York City. Click on it to enlarge.

Recently I attended a workshop of Jay Maisel in New York called “Always carry a camera”. I loved it. It was my first time in NYC. On the last night of the workshop we stood on the roof the building of Jay Maisel. The sun had just set and most of the other students already were drinking wine in the kitchen below. The photo below is the view looking to lower Manhattan. If you ever get the chance to follow a workshop of Jay Maisel, do it.

On the roof

I am busy creating an album about my week in New York. First make selection of a couple of photos out of the pile of thousands of I took.

How can you make a different photo of something which is photographed so many times like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Statue of Liberty? Zoom in?! (It needs some new paint BTW!)

Brooklyn Bridge

Have a look at my New York gallery to see more photographs of my trip.

Arriving in New York City the old fashion way is wonderful. I took the ferry to Staten Island and saw this beautiful view of Manhattan on a warm and humid Saturday morning.

NYC here I come!
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