This is another form of panorama photography I am experimenting with. I sat on a bench in the Amsterdam Forest which is close to Schiphol Airport. I took a couple of panoramas while the planes were flying over and combined the results. I failed a bit in the execution. As you can see the sky is overexposed. But it was fun to do.

213b Planes flying low

Amsterdam Forest, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

A beautiful part of the Beatrixpark in Amsterdam is the renovate pond. This morning I walked around it and sat on a bench. Many ducks were looking for food in the water. The flowers attracted bees, butterflies and wasps.

199 Beatrixpark, Amsterdam

199 – Beatrixpark, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

Today I had lunch on a terrace near the Bosbaan rowing track in Amsterdam. This weekend there is a large international rowing regatta. I made this handheld panorama. It is taken from the side of the finish.

175 Bosbaan rowing track Amsterdam

Bosbaan rowing track, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

Another panorama of an Amsterdam canal, the Looiersgracht. I was just wandering around waiting for my car. They were changing the winter tyres to the summer versions.

86 Looiersgracht, Amsterdam

Panorama Looiersgracht, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

I really enjoy making these panoramas. I should have been a little more precise. I had to cut of some nice parts of the panorama because some essential part were missing.

26 Keizersgracht en Leidsegracht, Amsterdam

Keizersgracht and Leidsegracht, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

This afternoon I was in the center of Amsterdam. The canals and the 17th century houses looked wonderful in the low winter light. The canals beg for panorama shots. There is so much to see and there are so many corners and angles. Here’s an example.

25 Leidsegracht, Amsterdam

Leidsegracht, Amsterdam. Click on it to enlarge.

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